A Gritty, Hyper-Masculine, Testosterone-Fueled Lo-Fi Action/Adventure Web Series

ManHeat is an independently produced action/adventure web series made with minimal resources. Its dry, offbeat and irreverent style of humor is akin to Napoleon Dynamite with a security clearance and a service weapon. 

Season 1

These were simple 3-10s clips of standard action movie stock phrases and cliches, mostly shot in 480p.

Season 2

Shot during the Covid Pandemic, clips grew to 30-60s scenes, building the main hero character and his world.

Season 3

Upgraded to 720p and developed the hero's basic journey that mapped Season 2 episodes into the storyline.

Season 4

Upgraded to shooting on a Canon Vixia HF R500. Built toward the series conclusion, but final episodes put on hold in favor of audience-building Reels in popular 9:16 format.

Season 5

Attempting to drive the current series' storyline home to a conclusion, while continuing with popular reels and story clips, as well as experimenting with a new storyline.

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