ManHeat: A Slow Burn...

A brief history

The project was originally intended to be published on the now defunct Vine, just a compilation of action movie cliches but with a little more effort into costume and scenery than similar content others have done. Once Instagram started supporting video, it was off to the races.

The project started off pretty well-received in Season 1 by a built-in audience of established Instagram and Facebook followers, and continued to grow through Season 3. 

However, tragedy struck in the beginning of Season 4: the project's Instagram channel got hacked and the hacker spammed all its followers with a sketchy CashApp scheme. To make matter's worse, these followers were under the impression that I myself was sending them these direct messages.

As a result, I lost all of these followers and I could only get a handful back when I created the new channel. Audience growth has since been stagnant ever since.

So for Season 4, I put the series' storyline on hold in order to focus on reaching a new audience with popular Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts that parodied lifestyle and motivational content.

Where we are today

While the reels and shorts gained a considerable amount of views, they were relatively ineffective in converting viewers to followers, fans and supporters. 

So for Season 5, the focus is on pushing forward with the storyline, stacking new skills and getting better with each episode.

"Press Conference" episode about the Instagram hacking.
Instagram Reel with over 22k views.